Mechanical component design and machining

Frabel Srl has been operating on the domestic and international markets, offering mechanical products, since 1973.

By working with the most important manufacturers in the motorcycle automotive, farming and household appliance sectors, Frabel has become specialised in producing filters, vacuum pumps, floats, mechanical and vacuum valves, fittings, and water, oil, petrol and biodiesel level gauges.

Satisfying the customer through a global service is of primary importance. Its strengths are:

  • a wide range of top quality items
  • moderate costs
  • production flexibility and experience
  • continuous innovation

Fabrication of motorcycle parts

The main activity is the execution of petrol valves for motorcycles and agricultural engines, parts in zamak, fittings and new products such as filters, floats and level gauges.

Frabel: fabrication of motorcycle parts since 1973

The factory of Colombaro di C.F., in Via dei Carretti 8, consists of one factory building with a total floor space of over 4000 square metres, of which about 2700 square metres are indoors. The workshops and offices are inside the same building.