Development and production of fuel valves
and mechanical components

Since 1973, Frabel Srl has been a leading supplier on the Italian and international market for the production of fuel valves for motorcycles, fittings, level gauges, filters for motorcycles and for the automotive industry.

Frabel Srl specializes in the design and production of mechanical components that are used in many fields, such as automotive industry, motorcycles, agricultural engines and household appliances. Frabel Srl is already a partner of the most renowned and established international manufacturers in this sector. The company’s mission has always been total customer satisfaction.

This is the reason why Frabel Srl is strongly committed not only to the production of high-quality fuel valves, filters, fittings and components, but also to the supply of the highest level of global customer service. The company’s strengths include:

  • large and comprehensive production
  • fair prices
  • long experience and great expertise
  • unwavering commitment to innovation

Certified products

Realizzazione rubinetti benzina | Frabel SrlRealizzazione rubinetti benzina | Frabel Srl
Vacuum valves
Valves for agricultural engines
Fuel valves
Realizzazione rubinetti benzina | Frabel SrlRealizzazione rubinetti benzina | Frabel Srl
Realizzazione rubinetti benzina | Frabel SrlRealizzazione rubinetti benzina | Frabel Srl
Realizzazione rubinetti benzina | Frabel Srl

Production of fuel valves

The core business of Frabel Srl is the production of fuel valves for motorcycles and agricultural engines, fittings and parts made of zamak. Thanks to the continuous improvement process in which the company is constantly engaged, the production now includes new components, such as oil and fuel filters for motorcycles and cars, as well as floats with magnetic sensors. Its manufacturing flexibility and advanced technologies allow Frabel Srl to respond promptly and efficiently to all market requests, thus offering an ever wider and more complete range of products.

Made in Italy products for motorcycles since 1973

Frabel Srl is located in Colombaro di C.F., in the province of Brescia, North of Italy. The company headquarters consist of a main plant of over 4,000 square meters, including 2,700 square meters of covered area, which house the production departments, the offices and the logistic department. The design and production laboratories are divided into different departments: zamak moulding, plastic moulding, mechanical processing, assembly and testing.
 All operations, ranging from the preliminary feasibility study to the assembly and the final tests, are carried out at Frabel Srl, while fully complying with its rigorous internal Quality System and the specific procedures agreed with each customer.