FRABEL SRL was set up in 1973 as a family-run business to fabricate motorcycle parts.

Established by Arsenio Bellini, who unfortunately passed away in February 2017, today it is managed by his children Pierangelo, Bruna and Sonia who enthusiastically run the family company with expertise.

The main activity is the execution of petrol valves for motorcycles and agricultural engines, parts in zamak, fittings and new products such as filters, floats and level gauges.

FRABEL SRL products are built and tested in compliance with the Company Quality System and agreements reached with customers.

FRABEL is committed to the continuous improvement of quality from every aspect:

  • From quality of the product to quality of the service
  • From quality of the machinery to quality of the environment
  • From quality of the personnel to quality of management
  • From quality of its suppliers to quality of the customers
  • From quality of the innovation of the products to the quality of the production technologies

The factory of Colombaro di C.F., in Via dei Carretti 8, consists of one factory building with a total floor space of over 4000 square metres, of which about 2700 square metres are indoors. The workshops and offices are inside the same building.



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Validità 06. 01. 2019 – 05. 01. 2022
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No. di reg. 51323