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Magnetic Floats | Frabel Srl

Magnetic floats

The magnetic floats manufactured by Frabel Srl can be used in various sectors and are suitable for use in water, oil, petrol and biodiesel.

Magnetic floats | Frabel Srl

Frabel Srl offers a complete range of magnetic floats, suitable for applications in various fields. These floats with magnet are designed to measure the level of a fluid inside a tank. Frabel Srl production includes different models, which are suitable for petrol, oil, biodiesel and water. According to their type and the liquid in which they are used, magnetic floats can be used for motorcycles and scooters, cars, but also drinking water tanks, level inspection, water presence control in biodiesel and household appliances.

The floats are designed to detect both the minimum and maximum fluid levels and ensure therefore maximum safety and efficiency. With its production of magnetic floats, Frabel Srl expands and completes its range of mechanical components for motorcycles and automotive applications, which includes oil and fuel valves, vacuum pumps, level gauges, fittings and filters.

Thanks to the wide variety of its comprehensive offer, Frabel Srl is already a well-known and appreciated leading supplier on the international market and its products are used with utmost satisfaction by the main manufacturers all over the world.

Choosing the mechanical components and parts for motorcycles manufactured by  Frabel Srl means adopting innovative solutions, which are entirely made in Italy in compliance with the highest quality standards. Every single operation of the process takes place entirely at the company plants, which are structured in specific departments for plastic moulding, zamak moulding, mechanical processing, assembly as well as final testing. The entire production process, starting with the selection of the best raw materials, meets the requirements of a rigorous internal quality protocol as well as the specific procedures and compliance requirements agreed with each customer. The magnetic floats also reflect the global quality of Frabel Srl production and stand out on the market for flexibility, variety, efficiency and excellent performance over time.

Magnetic Floats | Frabel Srl


They can be used in water, petrol, oil and biodiesel.