Production of fuel valves

Frabel Srl is a solid family-run business specializing in the production of fuel valves for motorcycles, agricultural engines and components for the automotive industry.

Founded in 1973 by Arsenio Bellini as a manufacturer of mechanical components, the company is now led by his children Pierangelo, Bruno and Sonia, who have chosen to continue the family business with passion and professionalism. Thanks to the competence acquired on site and the expertise gained in the sector, the current owners of Frabel Srl have been able to expand and innovate production and its fields of application. Therefore, the company is now a leading supplier on the Italian and international market for the design and production of fuel valves, fittings, oil and fuel level gauges, filters for motorcycles and cars, vacuum pumps and floats.

The flagship of Frabel Srl is the production of fuel valves for motorcycles and agricultural engines, as well as parts made of zamak, magnetic floats, fittings and filters for the automotive industry. All products made by Frabel Srl are designed by Frabel Srl itself upon customer specifications and are manufactured directly by Frabel Srl, thus ensuring full compliance with the highest production standards required by both the internal Quality System and the agreements with the customer.

The total satisfaction of every single customer has always been the main objective of Frabel Srl, achieved thanks to the highly professional company organization, the great expertise of the employees, the continuous professional development of the human resources and the constant updating of the machines. The company is particularly sensitive to the permanent improvement of global quality, to provide its customers with cutting-edge products, that ensure a safe use and an excellent performance over time, as well as with an accurate and efficient service. For this reason, Frabel Srl is committed to the highest quality of its production and equipment, environmental care, professionalism of its own team and external suppliers, innovation of its technologies and products.

Frabel Srl is based in Colombaro di C.F., in the province of Brescia, North of Italy, where it has a large and modern plant with a total area of ​​over 4,000 square meters, including 2,700 square meters of covered area. All manufacturing processes related to the production of fuel valves, fittings, filters, level gauges and floats are carried out at the company headquarters, which are structured in specific departments for zamak moulding, plastic moulding, mechanical processing, testing and assembly.



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Validità 06. 01. 2019 – 05. 01. 2022
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